Sean Kibaki

Cool kids got drama too!

Elodie Zone, one of Kenya’s most celebrated Youtubers and ex-girlfriend to Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew recently showed off Andrew’s replacement.

She was spotted kissing her new boo in one of the sandy beaches in Kenya and the two seem to be head over heels in love with each other. Indeed, she has gotten over the heartbreak!

Elodie Zone

Pole Bro! Sexy Lady Elodie Zone Who Broke Up With Mwai Kibaki’s Grandson Caught On Camera Kissing A Mystery Man (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Before this mysterious lover came into the picture, Elodie was dating Sean Andrew but later had a nasty public break up over what was termed “irreconcilable differences”.

But wait a minute! Now that Sean has been replaced, is he still in love with the YouTuber or is he kept in that frenemy zone? Even though team mafisilets were relieved to hear the cool kid is single, his social media tells us otherwise. He might be hoping that Elodie will come back for him someday.

Here is a compilation of his posts that are proof enough that Sean has not moved on:

1.From his mind to his soul just like a breeze he was cleansed from the madness that pained him. Tranquillity was in the air he took in from then on. – Sean.

2.”She had a vibe and a n*gga started digging it” ?

3.Staring out looking for answers… Could I honestly forgive you?

4.I don’t believe in single’s day, the day of love never marks anyone as being alone. Someone has always been through it all with and for you.
Don’t for get them because they haven’t forgotten you.

5.Don’t take revenge, karma does the work…

6.You can’t always find forgiveness but you can always start over.

7..I’ll wait for you because I know i deserve you just as much as you deserve me ? – a message to all you lost singles out there, don’t give up on love ?

Sean Kibaki

8. “I’m sorry, stay amazing and keep your good heart… ????”

9.Every time we text each other good morning late into the twilight