In 2015, Abel Mutua was sent to hell and back by his tailor. One and a half months before his wedding, he paid his tailor Ksh 60,000 for a suit whose material would be shipped from South Africa.

Two weeks into the wedding, Mutua didn’t even see the red flags when the Fundi said he was out of town. He later saw the Fundi the night to his wedding

‘He told me that my suit was okay and brought another suit with the same measurement.We used that to measure how I would look at the wedding. It wasn’t fitting but he told me that my own suit would fit’

‘Long story short, I saw the fundi a day to my wedding and it was at night. The material wasn’t even right. I was stressed because the wedding was already here. He went back with the suit for the drycleaning and said he was going to come back very early in the morning’

On the morning of the wedding, the Fundi did not appear forcing Abel Mutua, his best man Phillip Karanja to borrow clothes from their neighbors.

We called him that morning and he wasn’t picking. I was supposed to be in church at 9:30 and the Fundi wasn’t picking up. So we started borrowing clothes from neighbors. 

We did the Church wedding and then I received a call that the Fundi had dropped a package at the reception. No, apology no remorse nothing

Abel said this on his Youtube Channel responding to fans who asked why he looked like a ‘Waiter’ on his wedding day


Abel Mutua
With his wife

‘Come nikufanyie vitu Vera hakua anafanyiwa’ Abel Mutua tells wife