Fashion is ever-evolving, but 2019 has seen celebrities embrace pleather. This refers to a plastic fabric made to look like leather.

Pleather comes in many stylish forms, it can be designed into jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, trousers or even crop tops.

The advantage that comes with such is that it helps flaunt he wearer’s curves.

Below are celebs who rocked pleather and we are impressed with how effortless they slayed.

  1. Kate Actress

This dress brought out all the curves, a true definition of ‘Black Bold and Beautiful’.

2. Pierra Makena

This pleather romper made team mafisi want to eat Pierra Makena like a slice of cheesecake.

Pierra is not only beautiful and talented, but she is also drop-dead gorgeous.

3. Risper Faith.

During her pregnancy, Risper proved that pleather can even be worn by expectant women.

She also proved that maternity wear does not have to be so boring.

‘Siezi zalishwa na 5 different men kama Akothee!’ Shouts Kenyan woman

4. Noti Flow

As we all know Noti Flow is a woman who loves to dress up, she has a beautiful body, that we must agree, and the pleather below accentuates her beautiful look.

5. Kush Tracey

This jumpsuit on Kush Tracey can even make a priest backslide, damn!!

6. Awinja

Awinja knows too well how to flaunt what her mama gave her. Awinja knows how to dress her endlessly long legs.

She is not only talented but also a sharp dresser.


7. Mishi Dora

Mishi is all shades of awesome in this pleather mini dress design.

Mishi Dora

8. Verah Sidika

Vera’s curves are to die for and this pleather pants have done a good job bringing them out.

Vera Sidika

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