Paul-Ndichu wedding
Paul-Ndichu wedding. photo credit: Paul-Ndichu

Media personality Grace Msalame is pure of heart. She wished her baby daddy, Paul Ndichu and his wife Evaline Momanyi happiness and a long life after they walked down the aisle over the weekend.

Most people would find that to be an insurmountable feat.

How now?

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Her fans and Nairobi women, in general, were shocked. Some even claimed she is faking it.

One lady who is divorcing her hubby wrote, “This is obviously on another level. I’m separated en route to divorce, I am a mom of twins and at this point, I don’t see myself doing this…..soo it must be the Grace of God. For me meanwhile blending is for blenders and that’s where my ex and any future thots shall be! Dead and blended.”

Grace expressed genuine joy at Paul and Evaline’s union saying, “Beautiful… CONGRATULATIONS my dear people. May God eternally Bless your Union. #Love #Blended.” 

The fashionista and former screen siren explained where she gets the grace to let her children’s father be.

“Wow! Overwhelming????????Thank you for the very kind words????????May GodBless you all exceedingly abundantly above????????for the confused lot & hateful comments… it really is not for you to understand. It’s always been key for me to change the narrative and show another option to the norm. Glory to God for His Grace & Love in abundance????????Bless you all,” Grace explained.

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Adding, “It is all by His Grace & Strength & it’s always been key for me to change the narrative- peaceful co-existence is very possible by the Grace of God if we allow Him to work through us. Thank you for your support, means the world to me.”

Here are some photos from the wedding.

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