Lilian Muli
Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli is on the mouths of Kenyans again. This time not because of anything she has done. She cannot help it that she is gorgeous and has a striking personality that people gravitate towards.

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Vicmas LuoDollar who is famed for his hit single Bank Otuch opened up and talked about the first time he met the Citizen TV news anchor.

He revealed that fought to have a photo taken with the screen siren.

“Lmaooo ???? many years ago i was/still her big fan,i fought to have this pic at a forum [Raytalk show/michael Joseph Safaricom House] some people made fun of me ,that i look like her bodygurd oohhh driver. My Today #WcW goes to the most beautiful Lilian Muli Kanene, such a great supporter of #KeMusic. Lilian we need to take another pic ya 2017 donge?”

Lillian Muli and Vicmas Luodolla

We have no idea what his pregnant girlfriend Chimami thinks about this.

‘I Don’t Care If The Sex Is Life-Giving Or He Brings Home The Bacon’ – Lilian Muli