Netizens were quick to romantically link a model who took a photo with Omar Lali in a photo that has since gone viral.

The photo that was taken yesterday by Koko Kamillah Pitrola at Shella Island in Lamu.

She describes herself as one who loves to “travel, fitness and adventure.” adding that “My dad is a maasai tycoon.”

Netizens were salivating over the photos. Here are their very salacious and misinformed reactions.

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Koko claims that after her photo went viral, team mafisi inboxed her. She shared the screenshots.

“So now I’m game eh?”

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In another Instagram story, she wrote,

“So I woke up today to lots of DMs and WhatsApp messages telling me that I’m trending (for the wrong reasons). Some idiot (Cyprian Nyakundi) took my picture with my old friend Omar Lali and posted it with totally out of context captions.”


She has promised to go live with Omar Lali to clear the air.

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