Christina Shusho
Christina Shusho

Gospel singer Christina Shusho is begging Tanzanian socialites Hamisa Mobetto, Wema Sepetu and Jacqueline Wolper to accept her friendship, based on an interview seen by Mpasho.

‘Please, I beg I need your friendship, if you accept, I will know that God has blessed me in 2020. We can meet, chill and talk.I like the way they get struggles and get back up. I need them more cause I’ve seen in them that the have strength,’ she told Wasafi media


‘I follow their lifestyles. I cannot pretend that I have never come across their stories. They are the ones that are dominating social media and are trending.’

‘I love that they stand by their word and action, I love the spirit.’

The ‘Umenifanya Ning’are’ hitmaker went on to praise them

Hamisa Mobetto, I love the lady, Jacqueline wolpe and Wema. They are many. I have met them and they are good ladies. 

She also asked them to stay as descent as they are,since it is the holy month of Ramadhan.

‘Right now they are descent, if they go on this way, it will be good. It should be a little bit descent. They should know that I love them and that I’m their number one fan. I love their efforts.’

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Shusho said that she will accept them the way they are and that only God can change people, adding that she doesn’t mind being their friend even when indecently dressed.