David Bera

David Bera, the father to JKUAT student Brian Bera – State House intruder has spoken out.

The 25-year-old student was shot after attempting to gain entry into the house on the hill.

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Mr Bera, a lecturer at Olessos Technical training institute in Nandi county in an interview with Hussein Mohammed on Citizen TV, said he had visited his son at the Kenyatta national hospital.

He is not doing so badly. He’s still under medication. I just greeted him and gave him some juice that’s all I did. I was not able to speak much. I saw the wound and he’s guarded heavily by the police.


Asked if he saw any of his social media posts, Brian’s father said,

I was just informed later on after this incident. I don’t have a Facebook account.

The incident came as a shock to Mr Bera, a former High School principal and during the interview he said,

My son has been a very good and humble boy from the beginning. He did very well in Primary School, joined Nairobi school, where he passed well – got an A plain and he joined JKUAT to pursue mechanical engineering. Up to the time he was attending university he was a very humble and good boy.

David Bera

He went ahead to narrate how his son’s behaviour changed along the way.

The beginning of third year, he developed some kind of character that’s not part of him. He withdrew from me, my family everybody. He isolated himself most of the time. That’s when the sickness started. He has been very sick mentally.


On several occasions in 2017 when he was at home in December, he could just disappear all of a sudden from home and then I would be informed by good samaritans that your son was found in the river where he wanted to drown. Next time you’re told he has been found in the caves at Mt Elgon he wanted to disappear inside there.

He explained,

In February last year 2018, I was informed that the boy was attempting to climb Mt Kenya in Meru. I was called by the Naromoru OCS. I traveled to Naromoru and I was told he was attempting to climb the mountain illegally and was arrested and taken to a police station, where he was held for two days but after explaining the circumstances and the way they saw him, I was allowed to go with him to seek medication.

Mental health is one of the major problems affecting many across the globe and Kibet’s Brian’s father says,

He never wanted to stay at home. He was always running to very funny places. The last time he disappeared from home for three days and the fourth day he called me and told me ‘daddy I’m so hungry and I’m heading to Mombasa’. He was walking on foot and hiking lifts where possible. When he called he had already reached Athi River and told me ‘please send me Sh1,000. But I called my cousin who is in Nairobi, he intercepted and brought him to Westlands.

I traveled all way to Nairobi with my uncle and we were able to speak to him and later took him for medication in Eldoret.

‘He was hospitalized there for two weeks and even during the breakdown, he was still performing well until a few months ago when the school called and told me to take him for counselling,’ he said.

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Mr Bera said the last time he saw his firstborn son was last year November in Nairobi.

He was okay but we could see there was something not okay. He had lost weight.

David Bera

The heartbroken father told Hussein;

It’s a very difficult time for me. I’m even finding it hard to talk.

He condemns his son’s actions saying,

What he did was not correct. He was not doing it out of his good mind. If he was sober or okay he could have not done that. My boy has never done that. Even in school, he was a very disciplined boy even myself I found him as one of the best boys I had before he developed that kind of sickness. I call it sickness because mental illness is a problem.

Many have branded Brian as a hero for speaking out his mind but his dad has advised them, saying,

Please don’t capitalize on the problem my boy is in right now.

Asked what he would like to tell President Uhuru, Brian’s father said,

This young man, my son can contribute a lot to this country and community if given medication. He’s a resourceful boy if he can finish his course [medical engineering] which he is supposed to be finishing in July. He has never been a criminal. Help the boy.

Brian’s Facebook account has been deleted.

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