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16-year-old budding gospel artiste Angel Wanjiru is a multitalented artiste. The teenage girl, who is BBC presenter’s Anne Ngugi’s firstborn child, inspires many through her music.

Anne Ngugi
Anne Ngugi with her daughter Angel Wanjiru

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Recently she released a new song The story of my life in which she talks about her life journey and the challenges she has been through. In her lyrics, she says

sixteen years ago I was born with a life-threatening condition even doctors were not sure that I could live until the age of five. They said if I live then I won’t walk, I won’t see I will be like garbage, I look different and that difference has brought so much misery in my life because every day I must be strong enough to stop stigma and that I’ll do until my last breath in this beautiful universe.

Many children born with disabilities go through various challenges and in her song, Angel inspires them not to give up.

So did I sign up to be born like this? look the way I look? Oh noo, I didn’t.
Just like any other child, I’ve grown into the reality of disability

She adds,

When I knew I looked different, it was so difficult to take it in. Wanted a small head to look pretty, wanted two legs just to walk on the beach. Wanted to see the wall but now is dark.

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Angel has been bullied and called all sorts of names and she requests that people desist from that and show her love.

Still figuring out how to move forward, live with this condition. on my own it’s so hard. Would you please stop calling me ugly, calling me names, laughing at me, stop the stigma against my type ‘because I have to deal with an imperfect body’, ‘I’ve to deal with a body that can’t manage at all’

Every day I’ve to get the courage to go to school. And once again face the wrath of laughter because of my looks. Stop the stigma! I also hurt because I have a heart! Please help me live, I want a little love.

Angel, who was born with a defect called congenital hydrocephalus (the buildup of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain at birth), is a true definition of disability is not inability.

Last week she won the Founders Award at the MTM choice awards in Bristol, UK.

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Here is the song