Kenyans are tired of this Willy Paul vs. Bahati drama. The two gospel singers made headlines after they took to social media to taunt each other and seem to be enjoying such publicity. Yesterday Willy Paul was again on Bahati’s case accusing him of tainting his image.

“Stop Using My Name For Your Own Gains!” Willy Paul Viciously Attacks Bahati In An Explosive Letter

That post elicited some heavy backlash from gospel fans and artistes who labelled the two “drama queens”. L-Jay Maasai, who is also their rival, called out the two telling them to mature up and stop behaving like young kids in public

Check out what he posted on his social media account

“Nkt!! Bahati and Willy Paul, I think that I speak for many people/fans/artists and music industry stake holders when I say that we are tired and have had enough of your silly, childish fights and arguments every now and then. Yani mna Sinya na hizi story za ki fala kila wakati. Personally nime wa Shiba. Honestly, I cry for our generation if these are the people they are to look up to..