Maisha ni ngumu! Moreso, when you are staying in one of the major cities of the country and you are broke. You have to pay for everything; from rent to food and even water, but if you don’t work, you will hate the city and the direction your life will take. You can neither eat nor have shelter. Kenya ni shamba la mawe, I tell you (Insert Churchill’s voice).

Lisa Martinez who became popular after photos and videos of her flaunting stacks of cash went viral, has left many envious of her. How did such a young teenager become rich? Many have asked this question. Lisa is a rich kid; she was adopted and raised by white parents who “moulded” her into what she is today.

Kusota Ni Wewe! Kenyan Woman Who Exposed Jaguar Badly Shows Off Millions Of Cash

The 21-year-old who owns a series of companies, posh homes and expensive cars such as; a Mercedes S Class, Range Rover Vogue (bullet proof) and Evoque and a Volvo convertible has attracted many and some want to work for her. Recently, Lisa Martinez posted photos posing next to private jets making her followers go wild. Although it’s not clear whether the jets were hers or not, a Kenyan man has come out to beg the rich kid to offer her a job even just to be washing her jets then pay him at the end of the month.

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Lisa Martinez


“Hello, I am a kalenjin. I want you to help me find Lisa Martinez to give me a job. I can be her driver or I can be washing her jet. I want to be washing her Jet only at least to touch it also.”

Read the message from our brother who hails from the Rift Valley region. There you have a “new worker” Lisa. Don’t disappoint him. Below is his photo

Kenyan Man