Many weddings have been cancelled in the past few weeks, and the coming weeks after the first coronavirus case was reported in Kenya.

The government banned large gatherings to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

In Kenya, weddings are a community affair and that is why most people opted to cancel their nuptials.

This is despite the fact that one can still get married but celebrate later, due to large gatherings being banned.

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In case you were planning on cancelling your wedding, don’t .

Here is what to do.

1- Get married

The purpose of a wedding is to make vows to each other and become man and wife.

Not having a multitude of people should not make you not get married.

Plus tomorrow is not a guarantee, anything can happen to you or your spouse.

He/she might even change their mind.

Ndoa ni ya watu wawili.

2- Celebrate later

Most people feel good when they invite all their friends and family to their wedding (don’t ask me why).

During coronavirus pandemic one can opt to push the celebrations further.

Once the pandemic is over, set a date to just celebrate, dance, eat and make merry.

3- Gifts can be sent to your address

People invited to the wedding might have already bought gifts.

An option you can give them is for them to drop all gifts to a preset address.

After all they will join you later to celebrate your union.

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Like I said, tomorrow is not guaranteed so make hay while the sun shines.

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