The plane

An eyewitness has narrated how he saw the missing Fly SAX plane crash at Njabini area in the Aberdares on Tuesday evening.

So far news of the missing plane is still scanty. The airline that owns the A 5Y-CAC Cessna Caravan aircraft, said the search team had not sighted the plane.

The 12-seater aircraft had 10 people on board – eight passengers and two crew members.

“We are hoping everything is going to be ok. I will give you a firm statement as soon as we are ready,” FlySax CEO George Kivindyo told reporters.

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A multi-agency team comprising officers from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Aircraft Accident Investigation Department, Kenya Wildlife Service, the police, Kenya Forest Service and the disaster unit is conducting the search.

“We are distressed, but hopeful. Kindly bear with us,” the airline said.

The government deployed three helicopters for the search.

“We have all the resources required to conduct the search operation. The main challenge for us is the bad weather,” Pius Masai from the National Disaster Management Unit said.

He appealed to families to remain calm and urged communities in areas within the search radius to volunteer information.

 “I know if an aircraft passed somewhere, there was some noise and someone must have heard.”

According to an eye witness, Samuel Mwangi, the sight of the aircraft coming down was like ‘lightning’.

‘I saw the plane come down like lightning,’ a witnessed told the cops about the missing Fly SAX plane.

Speaking to the police on Wednesday morning, Mwangi indicated the location that he last saw the plane as Kibùrù Forest.

Meanwhile, Robinson is among those missing from the FlySax plane. His sister Charity Wafula described Robinson as a jovial and calm man.

“The last time we spoke, there was no cause for alarm. It was a normal conversation, only to learn from the media the plane had gone missing,” she said.

Robinson, 30, has a five-year-old son. He was travelling from his home in Bungoma.

Robinson’s family is hopeful he will be found alive, but what remains frustrating is the gruelling wait they have to endure as the search goes on.

Charity said, “The bad weather is making the operation difficult. We believe we will get him alive.”

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Kivindyo urged people to ignore speculation on social media and wait for official communication from the agencies involved with the operation.

“We will issue a statement when ready. If it is bad news, we will still inform people because life has to move on whether good or bad. For now let’s just wait,” he said.

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