Fashion High Tea

There are tons of affordable clothing retailers with low prices and stylish clothes, you just need to know which ones to shop from.

Below are places to shop at affordable prices.

  1. Toi market

Toi is one of the flea markets in Nairobi. It’s a big open-air market full of informal stalls selling clothes.

If you love to spend thrifting then this is the place for you from shoes (Ksh 300), clothes, sweaters, backpacks, jeans (Ksh 150), leggings (Ksh 100), crafts, jewellery, hats, toys, home appliances and many more.

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2. Gikomba

Gikomba is the largest market for second-hand clothes among other things in the region.

One is guaranteed affordable prices unless you wear an ‘I am new here’ look, in which case the traders will try their best to rip you off.

The best part about Gikomba is that they sometimes release items that look identical to the ones sold in some malls only at a much lower price!

Tops go for up to Ksh 10 for ladies, designer dresses go for as low as Ksh 50. With a Ksh 1000, you can have a new wardrobe.

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3. Ngara market

This is famous among ladies who love fashion.

They may seem a bit pricey to some people but if you have good bargaining power, you can get value for your money and get anything from second-hand clothes to brand new outfits at an affordable price.

They also have a lovely selection of home and beauty products.

4. Think twice

Think Twice which is upcoming retail for second-hand clothes.

One of the best things about them is that they not only have an extensive selection of petite and tall sizes clothing but also plus-sized ones.

Though most of the items that I have seen from Think Twice appear to be good quality, they are also from Gikomba market.

Their products seem to sell out rather quickly because they have offered almost every Friday where they sell everything in the stores for a specific low price often two hundred shillings or less.

In conclusion, now you have a list of the best affordable fashion retailers and you can now slay and save!

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