Kenya is well known as a tourist attraction where there are many activities and beautiful places to visit. As a local, many are the times we ask, “Where can we go this weekend at a good price and enjoy our selves?”

Well, Here are 7 places you can choose to go and be sure you will have a memorable trip.

  1. Diani Beach

In Kenya, we have a coast line where the beach is located. Now, who doesn’t like sunshine and some sandy beaches? Diani beach is very clean and clear. You can swim and enjoy the ocean breeze as you enjoy cocktails by the shore.

Diani Beach is a place where you can enjoy unique activities such as Sky diving, snorkeling where you swim in the ocean with a diving mask, kite surfing and deep sea fishing.

2. Lamu Island

Lamu is well known for its Swahili dishes but other than that it is one of the best places to be at. It is the place to have walks on the beach with bae. The boats in Lamu are traditional, guaranteeing that you’ll enjoy the traditional Dhow sailing.

3. Ol Pejeta Conservancy 

Ol Pejeta is located in Nanyuki where you can have a crazy and unique experience at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary. When you have a group of close friends, camping is an activity you can really get into and bird watching in the evening as you relax. The best part about this is also the sundowners by the rivers around.

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4. Fourteen Falls

The only place with 14 beautiful falls where you can enjoy the breath of fresh air. With your squad go on and enjoy a place where you can do jumps from the top of the fall to the water below and have an amazing experience full of memories.

5. Mt. Kenya

Having carried the countries name, it is the place to be. Despite the cold, you can have amazing meals at the unique Triut tree restaurant and have a view of the beautiful county from the peak of the mountain.

6. Wasani Island

A place with a marine park where you can learn all about the fish in the sea. Here you will also have the best experience of watching dolphins and whales in the clear blue water.

7. Mida Creek

Mangrove is a word we only heard in our G.H.C or social studies class, but you can have the experience of floating on top of that at Mida Creek located in Watamu. You can also learn how to water board.

Now you know!

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