Goldalyn Kakuya and Uhuru

Goldalyn Kakuya has been celebrated for her academic brilliance and hardwork.

She is a shining star. A beacon for other kids who live with albinism.

Unlike most births which bring instant joy to many parents, when Betilda Cherono delivered Goldalyn Kakuya she was engulfed by confusion.

Betilda and her husband Harrison Tanga are both black and therefore Goldalyn’s white skin and blonde hair was perplexing. It didn’t take long for the doctors to figure out she had albinism – a genetic condition in which a person is born with no melanin, the pigment responsible for tanning of skin.

Upon the arrival of Goldalyn back in April 2003, Tanga went to Kakamega Hospital to be with his wife. He had not yet been made aware that their new bundle of joy was an albino.

“That day when I arrived at the hospital, I found my wife very tense. A team of counselors had also been prepared to counsel and advice me. I inquired what the issue was only to find out that my beautiful daughter was born with albinism. The news spurred emotions of joy and confusion but being a science teacher, I had knowledge of such conditions and I decided to support my wife and bring up Goldalyn in a loving home,” he said.

A proud and jovial Tanga could not hide his emotions following the announcement that their daughter had emerged the top KCPE candidate scoring 455 out of 500.

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Goldalyn’s father, a manager at West Kenya Sugar, urged parents who have children with albinism or any form of disability not to hide them away.

“Look what Goldalyn has done, the others who are born didn’t even perform as well as she did,” he chuckled,”It’s important for parents to accept their children, love and support them. Do not hide them.”

Goldalyn KakuyaHer mother who shared the same sentiments said children such as Goldalyn are normal just that their skin lacks melanin.

“People shouldn’t look down upon them. Her performance has humbled us,” she said. The 14-year-old urged all those living with albinism to come out of their cocoons. She received Sh100,000 from the Albinism Society of Kenya and a scholarship from M-Pesa Foundation Academy.

Today she meet with Uhuru Kenyatta who wrote, “Congratulated and had a chat with this year’s top KCPE candidate Goldalyn Kakuya. Goldalyn has a very bright future and our Administration will ensure that she receives all the support she needs to fulfil her dreams.”

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Goldalyn Kakuya and Uhuru Goldalyn Kakuya and Uhuru Goldalyn Kakuya and Uhuru Goldalyn Kakuya and Uhuru Goldalyn Kakuya and Uhuru Goldalyn Kakuya and Uhuru


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