Pinky Ghelani has opened up on the struggles she has gone through in the past 13 years she has been married to the love of her life.

Ghelani, who is a model, spokeswoman, host and former radio presenter is a mother of two.

Taking to her social media to celebrate her marriage to Raj Sehmi, Pinky wrote

‘We had 2 ceremonies; the traditional one in Makindu on the 12th and the registered wedding on the 13th.
I had no idea what can change in 13 years.

We lost pregnancies, we lost his dad to cancer, mum had a stroke.

Pinky Ghelani and her husband

We became parents and so so much more! There’s so much growth that occurs when you face the ups and downs of life together. We understand each other more.’

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Pinky added that no marriage is perfect and that they have had their fair share of fights, but it’s worth everything.

‘It’s not that we don’t fight, we do. But we also laugh a lot. There’s no secret or trick in staying married…

I wouldn’t say there’s a method.

So many of you have messaged to ask me.. but honestly.. there’s no one way in making a marriage work.

You need to find your ebb and flow, you need to know yourself but most importantly you need to be happy..’

Pinky and her husband Raj have known each other for the last 21 years.

‘I cannot describe what being married is because it’s different for everyone. In today’s world the lines are blurring too…

What do I pray for as a married woman?

‘People said I miscarried because my eggs were too old,’ Pinky Ghelani

The strength to know that we are both evolving and the reminder that trust is the biggest gift a person can give you so not to misuse it.

I also honor and respect this man and am grateful that we walk this journey in sync.’

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