There is a new drug in town and women are using it to make their cookies wet and tight in return for flashy lifestyles from men.

The new drug which is known as Pink Taco has excited many women who have swore by the herbal ‘V’ tightener.

Below is testimony from one user.

Hey honey, hope you’re well. So I been steaming, drinking my tea and used pink taco last night OMG!! he usually likes to go 30-45 mins taking mini breaks but yesterday he came within 5 mins.

Couple In Bed

The woman goes on to add that her man was so impressed that he swore never to leave her.

Tried again and he came within 10 mins. Tried again same result — Last night he said I’m following you to Harare Anything you want I will do it. Please don’t ever leave me again

She adds that the product came in handy.

Dumped him 6 months ago but he is here to stay. Overall I just want to say thank you for all the products I’m always working and need stimulation every now and again.


Thanks for empowering us women. May God continue to bless the work of your hands & meet you at every point of your need. 

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Below are more screenshots from women who have used the new drug Pink Taco. These are their testimonials.

#PinkTaco confessions


Another very satisfied customer added.

Another woman shares her experience and going by the excitement, it is obvious that her man was impressed.

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