A myth is a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.

People tend to believe in myths, although some are true whereas others are false.

Well, below is a compilation of myths, go through

  1. If a black cat crosses your path it is considered as bad luck.

2. If see an owl in your home one of your family members will die.

3. Kikuyus – If you run around a Mugumo tree 7 times your gender will change into the opposite sex.

4. Sweeping the floor at night is taboo. If you sweep at night you’re likely to throw away something precious. Some even believe you will be poor if you sweep your house at night.

5. Wearing slippers on different feet is inviting bad spirits.

6. A man sleeping in his married daughter’s house is taboo.

7. If a woman is pegged then you cross her legs, she will give birth to a child looking like her.

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8. If you get rained on you will grow taller.

9. If you swallow gum it will tie up your intestines.

10. If you swallow the seeds of a fruit a tree will grow out of your stomach.

11. If you read in dim light it will damage your eyes.

12. If you sit close to the TV, it will make you go blind.

13. Pig fat chases away demons.

14. Tripping and hurting your left foot when walking is a sign of bad luck.

15. Blinking your eyes continuously is a sign that something will happen.

16. If a bird uses your hair to build its nest your hair will not grow.

17. If you see a shooting star and make a wish before it disappears your wish will come true.

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18. Two condoms are better than one.

19. If you dream that someone is calling you and you respond you will die.

20. If you lick or drink salty water you can’t wet your bed.

21. Choking on your saliva when talking is a sign that someone just mentioned your name.

22. Placing your milk tooth on the rooftop of your house for birds to take away will make your new teeth grow faster.

23. Itching your left palm is a sign that you will receive money.

24. Raining during your wedding day is a blessing.

25. Biting of your tongue is a sign that someone is talking about you.

26. If you give birth to twins as firstborns it’s a bad omen in some communities e.g Luo.

27. If a bird pees on your head while flying above, it is luck.

28. If you dream you’re collecting/picking money especially coins you will be poor forever.

29. If you want to give birth to a boy lie on your back and lift your legs up immediately after sex for the sperms to swim deeper.

30. When you have a patient and you keep crying the person will die.

31. When food falls from your mouth or misses (the mouth) it’s a bad sign.

32. When a woman is preggers and a pet or domestic animal is pregnant at the same time, one of them must lose the child.

33. If you dream you are eating beef you will die.

34. When a mirror breaks it’s a bad omen.

35. If you burn your hair it will never grow.

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