Pierra Makena is one busy mother.

She is a DJ and was a TV host for quite some time on the show, Lets Talk before she made an exit alongside Brenda Wairimu. Even with all the work she has, Pierra has not failed at motherhood. She is very good at keeping her fans updated when it comes to the growth of her amazing daughter, Ricco.

Despite her very busy schedule as we can see on social media, she has time to be a mother. Pierra is a DJ who is always on the move from one club to another or to an event. Pierra has been sharing videos and pictures of her daughter singing baby songs. This is probably the first sign of growth in every baby and the proudest moment for a mother.

Piera Makena

That for me makes Pierra a good mother. She takes her time to help in the growth of Ricco and still manages to entertain her fans. She has once mentioned she is in a relationship with a mysterious man and so she gets another tick because she is also a good girlfriend. The best part I guess for Mr. Mysterious is that she has kept his business away from her large following.

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Just the other day we also saw how good of a mother Vanessa Chettle is. These are mothers who are in the entertainment industry and we all know such mothers are termed loose. Chettle has proved everyone wrong by taking care of her baby in every step despite the trolls saying she was already back in the club a month after birth.

Betty Kyallo also falls in this category because, despite her busy schedule as an anchor with so many shows, we see her always being there for her daughter.

Zari is also a very busy lady making deals but her motherhood skills are good. She has dealt with so much humiliation from a cheating man to the death her first baby daddy but she still stays strong for her children.

Grace Msalame came out as a staunch Christian and ever since we have seen her take her children to church. Grace and other mothers on my list are trying to bring their children up to be the best they can be.

Grace Msalame with her daughters at Citam, Karen
Grace Msalame with her daughters at Citam, Karen

These are just but a few mothers who have been stereotyped as irresponsible mothers because of a few mistakes but they have proved guys wrong.

Here are a few videos from Piera Makena’s social media page to prove she is a good mother.

Pierra Makena has proved to be a good mom

Pierra Makena has proved to be a good mom

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