Pierra Makena
The deejay posing

Pierra Makena was on Monday trolled by some social media users after she posted a video on her Instagram page.

Pierra Makena

The video showed her dancing as she worked the decks. The problem some commentators had with her post was the video seemed to be more about her body than her deejaying.

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We called her for comment and she said some people tend to look for the negative side in any situation. She said:

I posted a picture of my full shot. But what did people choose to look at? My behind…Is that fair? My face was there.

Pierra Makena

She said she could walk down the street and some people would still look at her behind: “There is nothing I can do about it.”

She continued,

There are very many people who did not see the a$$ but they saw the music.

Pierra Makena
Pierra Makena

What did she think about some social media followers comparing her to Akothee?

I have everything positive to say about Akothee. She is a hardworking woman. She is a very successful woman.


The deejay also said that she hoped for a more positive social media environment with people trying to raise each other up instead of tear each other down.

Pierra was defiant and said that she would not stop posting what she felt was appropriate without fear of her detractors.

Pierra Makena
The deejay posing

She also revealed that she paid no minde to negative comments made on her page. Her reason was that she felt that someone who genuinely cared about her would post privately in her DMs or call her.

Pierra Makena
The sassy DJ

She concluded by saying:

I love my a$$! I better show it as much as I can and I love my face.

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