Pierra makena

Pierra Makena has talked about how feeling depressed during her pregnancy and dealing with excess weight after delivery weighed her down.

Makena who is mother to a four-year-old daughter shared this on her YouTube channel in an aim to support other people struggling with excess weight.

‘Before pregnancy I was 50-52 kgs but at some point I was feeling alittle depressed so at 3 months I was weighing 49 kgs.

My doctor was getting worried because you are not supposed to be loosing weight while pregnant.

I would try and eat but nothing worked for me, at the time. Even when I delivered I was still not gaining weight.’

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Makena’s family decided to join her and help feed her and that is when the weight started coming in.

‘After I gave birth, three months later I was still not gaining weight yet I needed to produce enough milk for the baby.

That is when my mum and sisters popped at my house and I was overfed. My baby started feeding well but my clothes could not fit.

As a first time mother I panicked when I started gaining weight.’

Makena said once the public got a glimpse of her they trolled her saying she had let herself go.

‘I attended an event and I was all over the newspapers being trolled.

I became depressed because I was even being called an elephant. But luckily for me, my family was very supportive.

What I learnt is, surround yourself with people who support you. Later on I learnt that I needed to love and appreciate myself.’

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Makena has lost much of the weight she gained and is looking better than most of the people who trolled her.

Pierra makena.

Below are her current photos

Pierra Makena
The Dj posing


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