P-unit, wagenge wenyewe had broken our hearts when they decided to all go their separate ways.

We have been seeing them doing their thing where Gabu went solo, Frasha decided its politics and Boneye, he was just silent. We love these three together because the result of their creativity is mind-blowing!

P-unit gave us Vera!

Yes, the famous vera Sidika.

Check out this video if you missed that.

Otile Brown should be grateful to them, he owes them his life. Anyway, so they seem to have had a meeting and the agenda was, we are back!

There is an eminent comeback people.

The three were spotted somewhere in the coast all swagged up looking like they are about to blow us out of the water with a heavy come back track.

Bon Eye is so extra though, in the footage that Mpasho.co.ke saw, he is seen walking around with a bakora that is all gold.

Question, is this the set of a new music video by P-unit?

Yes! P-unit is making a comeback and I have a feeling it’s going to be a huge one. We had missed them.

Other artistes we feel need to make a come back after they disappeared are:

  1. Sema


Kevo, Sana and Pam. These three gave us the best of the best despite the fact that their songs were not so many.

2. Tattu

Our childhood was full of us trying to master their lyrics and keep up with their dance moves as we sing along. Bring back, Debz, Angie and Angela.

3. P square

Peter and Paul were the best duo ever! ‘Do me’ huge tune. Their break up is a tragedy.

4. Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child in 2001 – Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams

I can’t even! Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly gave us the best RnB we also sang along in our childhood

5. Deux Vultures

Image result for deux vultures

These two were the legendary Kenyan duo. Rap game was just the best with Colonel Mustafa and Nasty Thomas.

Such nostalgia. They took away our childhood. We hope P-unit inspires them to come back.

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Here is the picture surfacing the internet of P-unit come back:

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