Diamond Platnumz has promised to refund the cash Esma Platnumz in-laws used to buy her a new BMW gifted to her during her wedding.

The car cost Elf 50 (Tsh. Milion 115).

Diamond made the offer after being impressed at the efforts his in-laws had made to make his sister Esma happy.

Not only will he refund but he would also add some dollars to that.

‘You have made me so happy so for that I will refund the cash you used to buy the car. On top of that I will add 50,000 dollars.

I will also ensure that the tax clearance for the car has been paid for if it had not been paid.

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I am not doing these with any ill intention am just happy over the efforts you have shown.

Nobody hates it when their sibling is getting married off to a good family.’

The car was handed to Esma during her wedding reception.

Esma is sister to Diamond and Queen Darleen.

She is a mother of two children from a previous relationship. If you are broke usiseme watu huku nje hawana pesa, some are drowning in cash.

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