Images of dead KDF soldiers are making rounds on the Internet. The images show the lifeless bodies strewn on roads and others lined up at what seems to be a military camp. There has been expression of disgust by Facebook users towards those who have been sharing such images.

Internal CS Joseph Nkaissery has issued a warning to those doing so. He has ordered for the arrest of people sharing the alarming images, saying it’s unpatriotic to do so and will not be tolerated. They also hurt the families of the victims.

How Kenya Responded After Scores Of KDF Soldiers Were Killed In Somalia

The attack on KDF soldiers took place at 4 a.m in the AMISOM base in El Adde. Al-Shabaab claims to have killed 63 soldiers and confiscated 28 army vehicles as well as weapons. The Kenya government has denied this figure, and promised to make public the number of dead as well as wounded soldiers soon.

Kenyans on social media have since expressed their support to the families of the fallen soldiers with the hash tag #IStandWithKDF. We could not publish the photos as they are too gory.