If you thought that Diamond is the richest Tanzanian artiste then you are wrong as there is someone else whose wealth is immense in comparison to what Diamond makes and owns.

That man is none other than Juma Jux. Apart from coming from a wealthy family, Jux has had a successful career.

His official name is Juma Mussa. He studied in Dar until later on in life when he went on to China to further his studies.

He also runs a successful company. Jux is the Vice President and founder of the Wakacha music group.

He also founded the African Boy apparel.

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Speaking during the morning show on Classic 105, Maina Kageni said,

‘He is so rich even if he does not show it.

Kwanza you should see his house. Ghai, he makes Diamond look like a pauper.

His family is so wealthy and they have everything he could ever want.’


Below are photos of Juma Jux, so simple yet so sophisticated

Juma Jux

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Juma Jux

So when you get broke don’t assume everyone is, kuna wengine huku inje pesa ni kama makaratasi.

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