Parenthood is a blessing and not everyone gets to experience it but for Stephen Letoo its a gift he can never exchange with anything else.

According to Letoo,

‘Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives..A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on..They are the bridge to heaven..

God dropped us Baby Santino L’eyian L’etoo @santinoleyian as a special gift, i give him to the world, as a sign of Peace❤❤’

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Baby Santino recently turned one and it’s amazing how handsome he is, he is indeed a bouncy baby boy.

‘Are you really one today? Wow, time has gone by fast. You are the best son anyone could have.
You give us a gift every day. One year with you has meant 365 special gifts that you’ve given us. Each day with you in our lives is irreplaceable and a priceless present. Blow a billion candles in your lifetime. Happy Birthday Papitto❤❤❤❤’ Letoo penned.

For his birthday Letoo and his son did a Moran themed photoshoot and below are the photos.

They are indeed morans and we admire them for keeping up with their culture.

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