Basalirwa in a past photo

The death of Arthur Basalirwa, a Makerere University Business School (MUBS) graduate in Kenya, has left many in shock after he committed suicide.

Sources indicate he was allegedly suffering from depression after a failed marriage proposal to a woman he identified as D on his messages.

City man commits suicide after failed marriage proposal (screenshot of lasts SMS)

Below are his photos

Arthur Basalirwa
Basalirwa in a past photo
Basalirwa in a past photo
Basalirwa in a past photo

‘I am pushing on,’ a weak DJ Evolve says from his hospital bed

Below are condolence messages from his fans many who did not think he would commit suicide.

‘Basalirwa Abby Arthur. I have seen this when am so powerless.

I feel I wasnt a true a friend. I believe I would have stopped this from happening. This DIDN’T have to happen. Rest in peace.’

Another added,

‘Dear Basalirwa Abby Arthur😭😭 wherever you are just know I was very stunned to learn about your death😭😭 I still cannot believe that yo dead 😭so unexpected.’


‘However, as they say, the one who is adored the most by the God, is the one who achieves eternal life. We will miss you😭.

You Arthur ma own Arturo😭😭 and we as Besties Family😭 will cherish all the happy memories we had with you.

Our sincere condolences to the late’z Family. Rest in peace Arthur🙏😭.’

Aryatwijuka Owen: This is too bad. With emotionally-driven actions, we can’t judge him. Maybe there was something strong that was binding them. Let us pray for him to rest in eternal peace.

‘Don’t blame anyone if you go to jail’ Bahati to Producer Paulo-Screenshot


Sar Karemeera Trea: Oh nooo how could he have done this!!!!! To me, I think bambi this guy wasn’t alone because someone who’s a graduate should look at that issue at a different angle. May his soul rest in peace.

Twasiima Paddy: Love issues are not easy for everyone to handle anyway may his soul RIP.


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