KISS FM's Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

Radio Africa has reaffirmed its position as Kenya’s leading radio network.In the latest Kenya radio listenership numbers published by an International Research firm, Classic FM, Radio Jambo and Kiss FM are the most listened to radio stations.

Classic leads with a general listenership of 1.5 million people from 6 am to 12 midnight from Monday to Friday, followed by Radio Jambo with 1.18 million people and Kiss wraps up the top three positions at 1.12 million people.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

The results released in August indicate that Classic FM’s Maina and Kingangi in the morning remains the most listened to breakfast show.

Kate Actress to Kamene Goro, ‘Hivyo ndio utapata mimba wewe!’

This is followed by Radio Jambo’s Gidi na Ghost breakfast show with the famous Patanisho feature.


The third position goes to Kiss FM’s breakfast show.

The Morning Kiss will now be hosted by Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe starting next week.

This is after Adelle left the company and Shaffie landed a new managerial post at the Homeboyz Radio.

According to the results, Radio Africa now commands 48 per cent of listening with its six stations targeting different markets – Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, Gukena FM, Smooth FM and Homeboyz Radio – which recently joined the media group.

Radio Citizen comes in the fourth position with a general listenership of 1.1 million people followed by Radio Maisha in the fifth place with 814,000 people.

‘I will change Andrew Kibe on Kiss FM,’ Kamene Goro

KISS FM’s Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

Radio Africa Group General Manager Martin Khafafa said, “We are relentlessly committed to the vision of delivering a relatable, relevant and fun listening experience for our listeners. We continue to be the home of Kenya’s most talented communicators and superstar”.

According to Khafafa, RAG is planning to relaunch the KISS breakfast show this month with the controversial and hard-hitting Andrew Kibe and Kameme Goro in a show that industry analysts will shake the market.

Insisting his mission is to hold position 1,2,3 and 4, Kafafa said, “It is expected that after the new KISS breakfast show goes on air, Radio Africa will relaunch Homeboyz Radio.”

Andrew Kibe

Khafafa said Radio Africa has once again demonstrated complete dominance of the radio market.

He said the company’s values remain centred on innovation, customer service and quality which continue to pay off and it will not relent in the quest to give advertisers audiences that give them an instant connection with their brands.

Star/ Patrick Vidija