Keroche Industries heir Anerlisa Muigai and bongo music superstar Ben Pol got married in a traditional wedding last year.

Then in June this year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they declared their love for each other and exchanged their vows in a white wedding.

The elaborate event was attended by close family and friends of the couple.

We got to see a glimpse of the wedding venue when Anerlisa posted this photo on her Instagram.

A few weeks back, Anerlisa teased her fans by sharing photos of a bloated stomach. Gossip pundits were overjoyed with some smiling like a Cheshire cat thinking Anerlisa was finally heavy with child.

Anerlisa clarified the post saying,

“Laying here thinking what I can do with my bloated stomach”


“Any natural recommendations? It is really uncomfortable”.

Anyhow, now, Anerlisa has unfollowed Ben Pol and the interwebs have gone wild with speculations of a split.

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Well, the first time netizens got to see a ring on Anerlisa’s ring was back in April 2019, when Ben Pol went on his knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

Since then Anerlisa flaunted the ostentatious piece of jewellery whenever she posted on Social media.

Check out photos of her with a ring. She was spotted with this ring from April to July 12.

Slightly over two months after the couple wed, Anerlisa has posted photos of her gorgeous self without the ring.

Check out all the recent photos she has posted that she is ringless. Please note guys, this could be because she is either posting old photos or she is deliberately removing the ring before posting.

Anerlisa Muigai unfollows hubby BenPol, deletes his photos (screenshots)

The reasons why are endless. Anerlisa is yet to respond to the speculations of a split from her hubby.

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