Is Willis Raburu in love?
The burly Citizen TV news anchor has come out to give some advise to Team Mafisi who are known to fyeka women indiscriminately. The 10 Over 10 host always has an easy smile for everyone. He is the proverbial boy next door. He is easy to always root for. That is why fans were disappointed when their fairy tale romance with fellow TV reporter Sally Mbillu crushed and burned.

Have Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu And Sally Mbilu Broken Up? Here’s The Naked Truth


That breakup was so amicable, mpaka there was no drama for ‘she said- he said’. Now, it seems like Willis is ready to love again. The TV star who made us all laugh with his Truth Meter segment is Citizen, that delivers satire and comic relief on the lives of our politicians has some advice for Kenya’s team mafisi.

The Mafisi Sacco chair will not be happy to learn that they have lost one of Kenya’s eligible bachelors. Albeit, ideologically.

This advice stems from the fact that, the media personality has almost completed his mansion and I’m sure the next logical step is filling the beautiful digs with pitter-patter of litto feet. Kwesshhhion, Willis, utaona lini? Please send us an invite.

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Basically, Willis can check off the following

House…err, mansion – check

Good job – check

Car – check

Wifey – bado, in progress.

Let me not ramble on, please read Willis’ advised to his fellow men.


“A Good Woman is not interested in your Money or Status.. What she wants from you is your Time, Loyalty, Love and Commitment.. It’s just sad Most men don’t seem to understand this simple fact…”