Kanyari and his kids

Pastor Kanyari was at one time the most infamous pastor in Kenya, no scratch that the most infamous man in the whole of Kenya.


This happened after he was exposed by prolific duo John Allan Namu and Mohammed Ali on their show Jicho Pevu. The investigative detailed the on-goings in his church, the Salvation Healing Ministry.

The expose revealed that the man of God might have been swindling his congregants in his flock’s bid to get miracles out of him.


The fall-out was incredible, the man lost a lot of stature and the worst part was the crumbling of his marriage with gospel singer Betty Bayo.

Betty Bayo and her kids
Betty Bayo and the kids she shares with Kanyari

What has ensued have been claims by the singer that the musician that Kanyari is not the best example of fatherhood. She told the Nairobian in an interview:

He has not sent even a cent for these children since the time we separated but I leave him to God. I had seen a lot with this man. Infidelity. Lack of responsibility and loneliness.


Her comments can raise the query about whether Kanyari was even present in his children’s lives? But it seems that the man is there judging from photos that he has been releasing on his social media page. He wrote:

God bless my children…….this coming Sunday nitaombea watoto plz welcome kanisa liko Nairobi nyamakima

Kanyari and his kids

The image was taken at a local Pizza Inn where you can see the joy and mirth that his kids are having.

Kanyari and his kids

He also posted a video a few months back of his kids enjoying a day out with their father. It is below:


One must ask, could Betty’s statements about her ex-husband not contributing anything to the affairs of their kids be true considering the above evidence?

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