Mike Sonko
With his wife

They say no situation is permanent and governor Mike Sonko is a great example.

The current Nairobi county boss has shared throwback photos of him and his wife before fame and money.

The lovebirds have been together through thick and thin and Kenyans have given the politician a pat on the back for marrying his wife, whom they started dating when they had nothing.

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Below are the photos

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko and his wife
Mike Sonko
Photos of a Mike Sonko and his wife

Check out reactions:

Ann Jeremy The same God who turned water into wine also changed a tout and the girlfriend to being the Governor of Nairobi😂😂😂😂😂

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edmond_oleThis is called royalty. You mean you have stayed with your wife for this long. You are a legend and much respect to Primrose

Festuz Too Mike Sonko himself the Nairobi county governor this explains well that there’s no permanent situation in this life

hildachelashaw I just love how humble you were see now how God has been faithful in your life, wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu.

Mike Sonko

jemimahkituku Nobody knows tomorrow.. Madam Primrose and Mike Mbuvi.

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mbuguaglado Mike mbuvi sonko and his wife..wacha mungu aitwe mungu

Vickyy Vicky I understand why you keep your woman years later 😍😍 totally love hapa kabisaa

Kytittah Ce’cilé They’re called humble beginnings, never let go off someone who held you down at your lowest. Long live Mr and Mrs Mbuvi sonko….enyewe ilibidi ujiite tu sonko they ought to have known you got mullah!!!

Duncan Okombo For real this is Sonko!!! Aki mungu utoa watu mbali, though I’ve never been your supporter,I’ve always had total respect for you. Your steps have always been ordered by God.