Daddy Owen and his wife are expecting a baby come July and the couple is excited.

The singer held an exclusive baby shower this past weekend in Karen, Nairobi. He however did not disclose the exact venue but from the pictures, we can guess it was a posh affair.

Daddy Owen disclosed to that the baby on board is a baby boy adding that they have not agreed on the name yet.

“We have not yet discussed about the name because we want my mum to be there to help us unveil the name of our son.” adding that his mum will be there during the birth to help in shaving and naming of her grandchild like his culture demands.”

The event was private and only a few friends from his wife’s workplace were present and few relatives. He planned the baby shower himself.

“I planned the baby shower myself and invited her workmates and few of my relatives. That has not happened again, it is always the other way, but I chose to organize it myself because I wanted it to be private.I did even call our friends because I knew, atajua ata before the day itself.”

That is odd, right? he said;

“I am the one who knows her, I know what she likes”

Check out the photos;