Geoffrey Gitaka, popularly known as GG, was just an ordinary citizen like you and I until last Saturday when he decided to raise the bar for Kenyan men, breaking the internet as a result.

UNROMANTIC KITU GANI! Kenyan Man Breaks The Internet With Epic Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

With help from his biker friends, GG managed to pull off an epic marriage proposal that has been the talk of the town over the past few days.

The proposal which was held at The Hub in Karen began with some bikers assembling to form a heart shape.

After a short while, his longtime girlfriend Faith Wanjiru (Shiru) was brought into the ‘circle’ and it is then that he went down on one knee and popped the question. And she said “YES!”.

The video of the stellar proposal has been shared widely and it has elicited different reactions from social media users.

While some have praised him for being romantic and thinking outside the box others jokingly expressed their disappointment in him for being unAfrican and for setting the standards so high.

When asked why he went out of his way to propose to his girlfriend in the manner that he did, his response was short and precise:

The standards needed to match the lady I got.

Anyway, while trawling the internet recently, I came across more photos of the couple and I saw it fit to share them with you.

Check out the photos below.

Photos: Ness Pixels

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