Vera Sidika is without a doubt the finest socialite in Kenya.

She is pretty, curvaceous and has all a sponsor would want in a lady.

The bootylicious queen lives a fancy lifestyle many can only dream off. She is always transversing the globe.

Happy Birthday Vera Sidika! Here Are The Craziest Things Vera Sidika Has Done In Her Past Year

When Vera Sidika turned “21” she threw a bash at one of the most prestigious hotels in the city which saw only her close friends in attendance.

The well-endowed socialite looked hot and sexy in a yellow dress showing off her cleavage and her humongous booty without forgetting her spider waist.

A figure every woman is dying to have.

Here are throwback photos of Vera Sidika that will make you want to get botox.

At 21 years of age, did you resemble Vera Sidika? Were you pretty as she is right now? Well, I leave that to you ladies.