Kenya is a blessed country full of wonderful and kind people starting with president Uhuru Kenyatta. Being the 4th president of the republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta has been able to win the hearts of many Kenyans. He is a true leader.

Despite the problems facing Kenya such as Insecurity, Uhuru Kenyatta has always been on the forefront in fighting terror activities as well as corruption, and this has won him the support of Kenyans from across the divide. Unlike other presidents who are so mean, dictators and rule with a sword, Uhuru Kenyatta is different; he has proven to be the best president in the world. Below are 7 things that make Uhuru Kenyatta the best president Kenya has ever had.

1. He is social

Ever since Uhuru Kenyatta became the president of the republic of Kenya, both primary school and high school students have been making several trips to the house on the hill. From lecturing them to taking selfies with the future generation, the many photos on the internet tell it all; that Uhuru Kenyatta is very social.