Cara Feral

Are your photos safe?

Well, you should always ask yourself if the photos you share on social media are safe or might be used by someone else just to malign your name.

Kenyan international artiste Cara Feral born Cindy is among the few celebrities living a nightmare because of photos she shared online.

Below is Cara Feral’s photo which is all over the internet.

Cara Feral
Cara Feral original photo

The multi-talented artistecum-actress has threatened to sue both local and international blogs for using her photos on pornography sites.

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Some people are also using Cara Feral’s photo to con unsuspecting Kenyans who are contemplating enlarging specific body parts.

Cara Feral

“The photo was from a photoshoot in 2018 and it’s has been used for all the wrong reasons. The photo is on Pornhub and has ruined my reputation and changed some people’s perception of me. I’m working on tracking down the people behind this and soon I will sue them for copyright,” she exclusively told Mpasho.

Cara Feral

Cara Feral is set to release a new song this week and has done several collabos with international musicians.

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