Brian Kibet

Engineering student Brian Kibet Bera is currently in police custody after trespassing on State House grounds.

The police report of the incident was filed at Kileleshwa Police Station under OB 38 of 10/06/2019 at 1810hrs. It was reported by C.I Wanja A GSU officer attached to State House.

“Today at around 1605hrs one male adult trespassed into State House by climbing over “Gate Bravo” and upon being challenged by officers manning the said gate he drew out a knife which prompted officers to fire at him where he sustained a gunshot wound on the left shoulder plate.

Kanze Dena speaks out on JKUAT student who stormed State House

Scene visited by Stapol Kileleshwa and DCI Kilimani and upon searching the suspect a national ID card no. 31955909 bearing the name of Brian Kibet Bera aged 25 yrs old, a student ID card no. En291-0432/2013 from JKUAT university.

Interrogation carried out shows suspect is a fifth-year student at JKUAT pursuing Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Also recovered was the said knife he had earlier brandished. The suspect has been booked at Kileleshwa police.”

A photo of Brian recuperating after he was shot has emerged online. Check it out below.


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