There has been a fight between sponsors and Ben 10s for quite a while. The young lads accusing sponsors of setting the bar too high and snatching all the women from them.

‘Stick with the young man who may not be rich, but truly loves you,’ Singer Wahu advises Kenyan women why not to entertain sponsors

But it seems with the current generation where women adore sponsors more than the broke Ben 10s, the fight is still going to continue.

Women who are kept by sponsors, taken to exotic trips and pampered with gifts rarely post photos of the men behind their lavish lifestyles leaving many wondering why they don’t show them off. Anyway, only such kind of women know the reasons as to why they don’t.

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‘I only date sponsors! No time for broke men,’ admits Nairobi Diaries Aliiptisam as she calls out Noti Flow

Well, a photo of a woman believed to be Kenyan and an elderly man getting cosy in bed has gone viral. Although we are not sure if this was a shot from a movie shoot, many have praised the woman for being proud of her man.

Ancestor sponsor

Hello ladies, it’s time you embrace your sponsors in public.

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