It is sad to officially inform all the team mafisilets that Kibaki’s grandson Mwai Kibaki Junior has already found one that warms his heart.

Unlike his sibling Sean Andrew, Mwai has tried to keep a low profile and distanced himself from controversies.

Even with the massive following he has from female fans, Kibaki Jnr has proven that he is not blinded by these city women.

mwai kibaki jnrr

Meet Mwai Kibaki Jnr, The Handsome Young Man Kenyan Women Can’t Stop Talking About (PHOTOS)

It seems like he could not help it but inform all the lasses that have been salivating for him that he is all taken…And yes, he did that with only one photo.

Even though the girl in question is unidentified, it is only right to say that Kibaki Jnr is head over heels in love. I mean, all that PDA is proof enough that he is being driven kookoo.

Lets just say this rich kid has broken many city women’s hearts.

Here is a photo of him lip locking with his girlfriend;

mwai kibaki jnr