Emma Edambo, a 13-year-old candidate at Precious Talent School, Dagoretti South is among the seven students who died after their classes collapsed.

Emma did not survive the unfortunate event that saw her classroom collapse this morning just before the classes were about to begin.

RIP! Photos of Precious Talent School parents at Chiromo Mortuary

Emma Edambo,student who died after classes collapsed in Dagoretti South.

Among those who have sent their messages of condolences include President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“My heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to families of the children affected by the tragedy at Precious Talents Top School in Dagoretti. Our agencies are taking urgent actions to contain the situation and alleviate further suffering.” – President Uhuru Kenyatta said

A student at the school said he noticed building was “bendy” on one side on Saturday but forgot to tell his teacher.

‘My daughter was hit on the head with a desk,’ parent narrates

Precious Talent School MpashoA parent who was interviewed by The Star said his son had warned a teacher on Friday the building might fall because it looked “bendy” but he was dismissed back to class.

Other parents though said the school seemed fine to them.

Lack of enough public schools in the area has pushed parents to take their kids to private institutions like in the case above.

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