Jacque Maribe crying
Maribe crying on her visit last week

Jacque Maribe and her fiance Jowie were arraigned in court early today and Justice Jessie Lessit ordered the TV anchor to be remanded at Lang’ata Women Prison and Jowie at Industrial Area Remand Prison.

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A photo of Jacque crying after the judge’s final word has gone viral, leaving many sympathizing with her.

Jacque Maribe crying
Jacque Maribe crying

Check out the reactions:

Viola Cherotich: I really pity Jackie Maribe. She is going through all this just because of wrong choices. Which we all make at some point in life.

Abed Stewarts: It’s so heartbreaking for Jackie Maribe Joseph Irungu alias Jowie messed up with her life. Whether she’s guilty or not. Let justice prevail. Jacque Maribe didn’t know the dark side of Jowie..but God is our final judge May God fight for her and fight for Monica Kimani’s family

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Elihaj Okemwa: The way Jackie Maribe has been mulikwad on this case of Monica Kimani, you would think she is the prime suspect. Who has seen Joseph Irungu anywhere? Dpp Noordin Haji, do not harass a poor girl like that. Just go for the mastermind.

Maureen Nkirote: No one knows what tomorrow holds, one minute you are happy you doing so good, and everything working as you’ve always wanted and the next minute all that look shuttered with no hope. In this case of Maribe and Jowie who are we to judge? Only God can

Robertta Bobbie: This Jackie Maribe story is now breaking my heart.

Alex Ngare: Maribe’s story should teach most ladies a lesson that before you immerse yourself into relationships kindly do a background search. Know Your Partner (KYP)

Stella: I sympathize with you Jackie Maribe. Life has a way of speaking to us.. Look to God. He alone can be your advocate in the presence of your accusers and enemies. It doesn’t matter whether you are guilty or not. This pic for me speaks pure pain. Let go, and let God.

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Nina Sylvan: It’s really sad that some people just come out of the blues and within no time, your life is totally ruined. Please God expose such people before they ruin more lives. To Jackie Maribe, my prayers are with you. That’s a pic of Jackie and Jowie in court today.