The rap game has a lot of beef and it probably gives rappers content especially during rap battles. When Octopizzo had an interview at KISS 100 he said he does not understand what the song Rider is about and he wouldn’t mind a video with subtitles.

For him, he said rap is not about how fast one can rap but there is also the aspect of passing a message.

Octopizzo goes in all guns blazing, explains his beef with Jaguar (VIDEO)

Well not to stir up any beef but when this was mentioned to Petra, she could not believe that is what Octo had to say considering the hype the song has created and also the positive feedback from not just the fans but also fellow artistes.

Petra said that they put a lot of work into making the song what it is and all artistes should be doing the same to fly Kenya’s flag high. For Petra, she is trying to make the Kenyan music known out there and so she doesn’t understand how mtu hajafika just like her cannot appreciate her music.

Khaligraph Jones and Petra

we are trying to push Kenya’s name out there so if we start dissing each other na bado hatujafika then I don’t know our future is just messed up.