Maina Kageni

Tanasha Donna’s birthday party has left us re-evaluating boy squad goals after prominent radio personality Maina Kageni was spotted with Diamond.

Not only was he spotted with him but he was hosted by Dangote as the two are bosom buddies.

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Maina took to his social media to thank the couple for hosting him and man aren’t we envious?

You are two awesome people!!!! @tanashadonna much, much love….

Maina Kageni, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha went on to respond praising Maina Kageni and thanking him for his company.

So are you Maina. Thank you so so much for coming 🙏🙏 Nothing but love and karibu tena.

Well, Diamond is not the only member of Maina Kageni’s boy’s squad but he is definitely serving goals.

Here are different times Maina Kageni’s boy squad is better than any other.

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Below are some of the boys in his club.

Maina Kageni and Kiza owner Ali Oumarou
Maina Kageni and Jalangoo
Maina Kageni and Juma Jux
Churchill and Maina Kageni
Jose Chameleone and Maina Kageni

If you don’t have a boy’s squad please think about getting one, mwanaume ni kuhang out na maboyz wanmuinspire.

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