Efforts by Mother to EMB artist Peter Blessings to trace his son after his dramatic arrest courtesy of his boss Bahati have remained futile.

Peter Blessings hails from Taita Taveta and that is where the mother stays.

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Speaking to Mpasho, she says

‘They have all turned off their phones.  Producer Paulo was released but my son remained behind bars.

Producer Paulo called and told me that he had been released but my son was not.


I have no one in Nairobi who can help me follow up the case but I am trying to mobilize people to help reach out and see how he is fairing.

Blessings mum said she had would have preferred if Bahati would have returned back her son to Taita Taveta the same way he pick him up.

‘He said he would help him,produce his music.When he came home and convinced us we  handed him our son.

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Instead of helping him, my son told me that he was told he would be singing and 60% would go to Bahati.

At some point my son then told me that he had been given one month suspension, but the reasons he gave me were no very clear.’

According to a source who did not wish to be identified the arrest was not recorded under the occurrence book (OB) thus making it more harder to trace him.

Below is an interview with Blessings mum.


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