Mother to EMB artiste Peter Blessings has exposed the hardships the 20-year-old has been going through in the hands of Bahati.

The artist, who hails from Taita Taveta, was ”adopted” by Bahati who promised to sign him under EMB which he did but not for long.

He also promised to help educate, something he never did.

Speaking to mpasho on phone, Blessings mum said

‘ My son does not owe Bahati 2 million. they are only taking advantage because they feel he is poor and has nowhere else to go.

In-fact they are the ones who have been enriched by Peter through his music.’

‘My husband is smashing both my brother and his nephew’ Cries Racheal

Blessings mum said that despite her son performing on New Years Eve, he was never paid

‘On 31st my son performed and he was to be paid 50,000 but he was not paid despite performing.

But some of the other artists who performed were paid some cash (not sure of the amount)

I can only plead with him to please bring back our son the same way he picked him.’

Asked if she knew the reason why Bahati had her son arrested, she said

‘Apparently, Bahati said he heard that Peter was talking about exiting EMB.

My question is if indeed he heard that, why did he not sit him down and ask him why he wanted to leave?

People will even wonder why Bahati is doing this’

How Bahati and Weezdom got Peter Blessing arrested – Witness audio

The mistake he did is getting my son arrested he would rather have brought him home.


‘There is a guy called Weezdom whom Bahati listens to too much 

When Bahati promised to help my son, I handed him to them. but now I do not know what exactly is happening.

They would have called and told me what happened.’

Producer Paulo, who was arrested alongside Peter Blessings, was released but the young artiste is still a guest of the state.

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