Akothee is well known for her no-nonsense kind of attitude and a strict mother. She is also the richest Kenyan Musician with not just cash but wealth out there.

I mean have you seen her house?


Well, she revealed another side of her we were not aware of. She got all emotional just when she saw the love triangle turned circus between Diamond, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto.

She posted a long message on her Instagram page which you could tell had a lot of emotions and regret but at the end of the day, she learnt from the experience.

She opened up talking about how the love of her life used to blackmail her when she wanted to leave the relationship. He would tell her that he has nude pictures of her that he would put out there.

She said:

I didn’t know about Bluetooth, I had a very beautiful pick of mine in my birth suit, he stole my phone and transferred the pick to his phone, so every time I wanted to dump him he would send the photo telling me ” kumbuka nina siri zako nyingi

What hurt her the most was that he stole her jewelry and gave it to his side chic. So power to her when she decided enough is enough. She told him if you want to post them then do so in fact she offered to help him.

I got sooo tired of this s**t , I just woke up one day and asked him to post the photo or I help him do it idiot

I mean there comes a time the limit is surpassed. He always had the audacity to ask her for children. Children aren’t cheap to maintain for sure and that was her school of thought, you have seen she has quite a squad already.

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 Love can sometimes block your brain from seeing what is ahead for you. Akothee confessed that every time she thought of dumping him, she felt there would be some form of emptiness. That was what bound her to him but she eventually dumped him, blocked him and she has officially moved on!


Power to the women!

This was just but advice to Zari after all the s**t blew up on her face.

Her parting shot was:

I woke up one day and said enough is enough, I dumped his ass never to hear from him again, blocked him everywhere, now am breathing fresh air on top, he sees me only on breaking news😂WOMEN WAKE UP!