Jaguar’s baby mama is the talk of town. Thanks to her luxurious baby shower.

Baby showers have become such a trend in Kenya.

People go all the way to even create Whatsapp groups where they changisha money for a big baby shower.

Some habits Kenyans have are really embarrassing.

Just recently, Janet Mbugua had her baby shower where she had just her family around. Lillian Muli also had a surprise baby shower and it was a huge one. Her baby shower was attended by Janet Mbugua and Anne Kiguta among others.

Other than Lillian Muli, the other baby showers were very simple. But you have not seen Jaguar’s baby mama’s baby shower.

Mtoto si nguo utaomba mtu! Check out how Janet Mbugua’s baby shower went down (Photos)

Talk about class!

I mean what is money to her?

Themed gold and white, Jaguar’s baby mama, Magda Ngima threw a lavish baby shower with all her hot looking friends present.

Magda’s friends are all so gorgeous and supportive. The cake was something else. This baby looks like they will be living in heaven on earth just like Jaguars gorgeous daughter.

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Here are pictures from the baby shower:

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