A jilted husband who had a protracted fight with his wife added his M-Pesa and SIM card PIN numbers to his suicide note.

Fredrick Otieno, 25, died after drinking poison at his in-laws’ home at Kanajuok village in Rongo sub-county.

He is said to have written his suicide note in Dholuo, while seated under a tree at his in-law’s compound.

His wife had been missing for some time.

“Tell Awino that I say goodbye. I have left my phone with her mother. The PIN is similar to hers. She should bury me. Thank you for delivering this message,” read the note.

South Kamagambo location chief John Mala told The Star on phone that the man had taken several trips to the home to reconcile with the woman, but was always turned away.

“He went to his in-laws’ several times and was promised that his wife would be there today. When he missed her again, he committed suicide,” said Mala.

He said nobody was at the compound at the time as family members had gone to look for the missing woman.

“He used his phone to write a message to his uncle explaining his intention and where they could find his body,” Mala said.

The body was taken to Rapcom mortuary in Awendo town. Police launched investigations into the matter.